What are some greatest ironies of life?

Love guru Myth : Greatest love gurus have a lonely life. They know quite well what to do but don’t/can’t practice themselves as either they don’t believe it will work or people they follow are too ‘ weird’ to fall into their narratives. Often latter is the case as others are too easy for them.
  • All that glitters… : Happiest/loudest in the pack is often loneliest/silent inside.
  • Duality of life : Those who say they don’t want girl friends/relationships are most desperate deep inside. We are not what we show,often we are what we hide.
  • Every thing is perception : A good writer with no follower( in the beginning) gets less up votes for his brilliant answer than the same writer with 10k followers with a mediocre answer. Welcome to the world of social proof.
  • Too good is too bad at times! : Most beautiful/talented/deserving girl in a group is often single as no one hits on her thinking she is out of their league or taken or might not be interested in any relationship! . Sort of weird.That’s why you often see gorgeous girls with gorilla’s out there as somehow they know the secret. Further they assume ‘no loss’ while trying and hence are often carefree while approaching. Mujhko to milegi nahi…try Karen me kya jata hai! (I will never get her. What is the harm in trying!). Same is true for many hunks and dudes.
  • Mind is never satisfied : The line in which you are not standing will always move faster. The girl you dump for not being good looking and sexy enough will turn out to be next Deepika padukone. The skinny guy you left is sure to become next Hrithik roshan!
  • Show off shows off! : If Quora stops showing the stats for users,half of millennial writers would switch back to Facebook !
  • Envy kills :Girlfriend/boyfriend of your bff is always better than yours,more understanding,naughty,good at heart faithful etc etc. This is not the irony. Irony is that they also feel the same!. Always and I say always, grass is greener on other side of fence! A word of caution: Never try to cross the fence! Same is true for parents,coaching,school,dresses,pets,looks,phones,house,career,job profile,company of work,boss,city,car and every thing enviable and comparable,combined.
  • Weird is sexy : Weirder you are sexier you become ( you may not be aware). Sexier you try to look weirder people find you. Uniqueness and originally are sexy,rest is marketing.
  • You can wait till infinity! : Perfect time is now. We wait for perfect time to propose,have a date,have first kiss,go to hills,beach,holiday etc. That time never comes or even if it comes it looses half of its charm. What I will do with kiss on your lips if desire to do that died ? The right time is now or never. We always have shitty priorities: studies,exams college,job,promotion,more money etc. Procrastination has never worked in tandem with love,relationships and in general happiness. Happiness lies in small little things and not in larger than life achievement. Ambition never made anyone happier,it only made people more successful. You never become 18 again even with all the money in the world. Love is real happiness. Everything else including success,fame,career,money etc is just glorified illusion.
  • Easier said than done : 90% of us follow only 10% of our own advice given to others. Others often follow 90% and become more successful and happier than us!
  • We all have that one friend who never had been on a date for 25 years but when it comes to relationship advice,says ‘ listen to me carefully!’ (Inspired by Instagram post).
  • Final irony for Quora readers: Often after reading a wonderful answer and having gained from it a lot we deny it the appreciation it deserves. While another trashy answer gets our approval because many others have already approved it! Welcome again to the world of social proof!
  • Wrote a wonderful answer with 2 week research. Expecting 1k with 20k views. Gets 5 with 100 views. Wrote a casual answer on the move in local commute on mobile. Gets 1k in a day with 70k views and icing on the cake …72 comments!. Writer ‘ Utah le re baba,mujhe nahin answer ko!’ ( please push the answer god).

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