What are the harsh life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s?

Your career will go slower than your expectations.
  • You must have a heart break. Be ready for it.
  • People are mean and they will take advantage of you every where. You have to learn your lessons by falling hard.
  • One day you will feel at top of the world and other day you shall find yourself at rock bottom. Mood swings are very common.
  • You will miss the most will be your school friends and NOT your girl friend.
  • Life is NOT as easy as you expected and NOT as difficult as others projected.
  • Sex is overrated (If you haven’t already ‘experimented with your sexuality’ till then).
  • Girl friends are more overrated than sex!
  • You will surely remember few people whom you left or betrayed in the quest of success and ‘better opportunities’. You learn about the best opportunity only after you ‘Miss’ them!
  • In the night, before going to bed, you will realize that we all are ‘alone’.
  • You know about the ‘worst lie’ ever created in the world, that life starts after school. Dear friend life ends and struggle starts!
  • There are more qualified, more deserving,more handsome,intelligent,charming people around than you ever imagined. After leaving well of ‘college’ and getting into ‘ocean’ of life, you will become more humble!
  • You will realize that your ‘salary’ is NOT just a number on your bank account, it is certificate of your worth and your ‘dating’ or ‘Marriage’ Quotient!
  • You will realize that life is bi-sexual. It sucks and fucks simultaneously!
  • Your girl friends behavior is dependent on your appraisals and future prospects.Loosing your well paying job is always double edged sword! You may need to search both : A new job and a new girl friend!
  • You will realize that your girl friend ‘Loves you unconditionally’ …well as long as you get this SMS every month . ‘ Your account 628xxxxxx109 is credited with 80,129/- INR’.
  • You (most of you) will realize that ‘engineering’ is NOT the best option in this world!
  • Your bosses ‘Ass’ is the tastiest thing most of you colleagues know!
  • One time ‘sex’ or ten times ‘sex’ does NOT guarantees a girls loyalty!. Those days are passe when a ‘girl’ will give her every thing to his ‘soulmate’ only!. Might be your boss also knows a bit about the mole on your girl friends back and that secret ‘tattoo’ about which you thought only you know!
  • You will realize that all those points written above does NOT apply to every one equally and exceptions are there to rule you and me out!

Originally published at www.quora.com.