Five Ways to Think About Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Product Development

Illustration by scarlett_z10

The Challenge

Our Approach

Ginza Sato Yosuke

Why we think location—as well as motion detection—matters when it comes to sending great news notifications, and how we used Apple’s CoreMotion framework to bring them to life.

Image by Dave 77459 used under CC BY

Why ‘current location’ matters to notifications

How we worked around Apple’s limit of 64 local pending notifications to build the HERE for Local Journalism app.

Image by Tumisu used under CC BY
// Define the content of the notification
let content = UNMutableNotificationContent()
content.title = place.title
content.body =…

He is coming for your job first.

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Source: Common Greetings in Asia

Ajay Chainani

Japan + NYC. iOS developer. Startup advisory. Previously @spring @techstars @500startups, @sonar, @loudieapp. 日本語 OK!

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