Five Ways to Think About Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Product Development

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The Challenge

Market leaders across the United States understand that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to disrupt their businesses, and they are all attempting to integrate AI into their operations with urgency to remain competitive. This might be a lesson learned from the mobile era when many market leaders were dethroned…

For the past year Facebook has been embroiled in multiple back-to-back scandals. However, despite that, the stock has continued to do well and user numbers continue to grow. This is probably because their retention numbers are so strong. People like Walt Mossberg are few and rare.

From my own…

I am a software engineer; a millennial; an immigrant. Hence the internet is something of great importance to me. It allows me to FaceTime my family halfway around the world, in Japan. It allows me to chat with my friends from high school who are scattered all over the world…

Why we think location—as well as motion detection—matters when it comes to sending great news notifications, and how we used Apple’s CoreMotion framework to bring them to life.

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How relevant or useful a news notification is to someone depends a lot on the content — are you interested in this political outcome, game result or breaking local news? It’s usefulness also depends on the action it lets you take — can you read an article, share an infographic…

How we worked around Apple’s limit of 64 local pending notifications to build the HERE for Local Journalism app.

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We recently launched — an app that tests an idea that people want local news alerts as they approach the place a story was written about. The hypothesis is that that these notifications will be highly relevant and engaging.

We decided to test the idea by…

The other day, I was reviewing the website of one of the startups I am currently advising. I have been involved in product design for almost 6 years now, so could immediately see a few problems. But as an advisor, I wanted to find the best way to communicate, without…

Ajay Chainani

Japan + NYC. iOS developer. Startup advisory. Previously @spring @techstars @500startups, @sonar, @loudieapp. 日本語 OK!

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