Data Detox

I recently moved house for the third time. It was a pretty painless experience this time round. The painful part however was that I’d be without broadband for a whole week!

By the second day I had used up all of my data allowance for the month (a week before my billing cycle).

EE have an option to purchase an extra 1gb data for £6.99 which I did so now I needed to make sure I ration this well.

I started by turning off mobile data for all non-essential apps. Pretty much everything apart from a couple of messaging apps, mail, twitter and online banking. I also turned off background app refresh on everything except WhatsApp.

What this means is when I find myself wanting to fall into the browsing black hole such as browsing Reddit, I’m greeted with a little warning which makes me think twice about whether this is a good use of data.

The result of this has been fewer interruptions, fewer distractions, a welcomed detox from the world and most significant of all, almost two days of battery (iPhone 6s). I’m guessing that just killing the background refresh of the Facebook app has saved me all that battery life.

Broadband is now installed at my house and I’m able to publish this article but I intend to keep mobile data and background refresh off for most of my lesser used apps. It may not suit everyone but I suggest you give it a try. We can all do with a little detox every now and then.