Finally Live :D


I don’t know why you are here! But for whatever reason, I just want to remind you that you are awesome and you have all the potential to rock this world.

Whatever might be the reason! Please smile :) Because a smile is what it takes for the positive slope in your life’s graph

A pic is said to be beautiful only if you smile!

You will have a lot of friends if you are happy and joey!

Smile brings the positive changes in yours and among the lives of your well-beings!

So, from now on! SMILE : D ; )


Now, when you start your day with a smile! Why can’t you end with a smile? The reason in most of the cases is, by the time you have had a rough day! You would be tired by losing all the energy,

Is that it? Nope!

Guess what, it’s just the way your brain let you think, always remember! You are in the most active life time of human; It’s like they say


“ You can’t keep putting aside what you want for some imaginary future. You just have to pull together and go with your guts”

That should be the motivation behind your energy! ; )

Kids are always energetic! We should learn from them : D

So! What are you waiting for!! : D


It’s not because you are lazy, to skip some work. Because, you are finding pleasure in something else that let you skip your programmed work!

But, most people confuse here! Whenever you are skipping something, just ask yourself again and again! When you find a feeling of burning chest! Yeah, that’s it… Need I say more. I pity you, bro

Yup, I’m there. But, it isn’t that difficult to get over it… Just think peacefully.

Yup that’s how it works

#Accepting others

Always remember, our life is just a simulation! And our behavior and beliefs are the results of it. My point is hating someone because of the way they are is not going to solve anything. If you figure out there is a problem with someone, you may try to fix it, if he/she is in your way.

They are behaving like that because, the environmental conditions around them have made it happen for them. #self_hypnosis. You may have your own way of fixing it, that’s up to you.

But, hating isn’t gonna solve anything!! By accepting them, you have 0 negativity in your life.

If not now! then when ??


Ever realized why religion is still under our considerations even in this modern world! It’s because of the “HOPE”. Hope is a powerful factor for the survival of mental health, when someone faced a disaster.

Have some hope and time heals anything. So, always be confident in yourself that you can cope up with any kind of situation. Well, at least I believe you can!! It’s just a hope. So, this how it starts : D

#Be_the_better_version of yourself

The only person you should try to be better than was the person you were yesterday. 
 My question is very simple!

“ Are you really you?! “

Yes, that’s it.
 Factors that effect your way of thinking

1) Society 
 2) Nuclear family
 3) Media

Our thinking will change with time, for obvious reasons! But make sure it is directed in good path.
 Hope you get my point! 

There’s a fine balance b/n admiring and comparing ; )


If someone is criticizing you, feel happy! for the fact that you are not being ignored! 
 Remember the fact, that there will be critics everywhere! including yourself! The moment you criticize yourself, then something is wrong with you or something is bothering you!

#Recognize and never let them go

#Spoiler_Alert, MsD-Untold story Movie :D

“ The people who stood with you during your struggle are very special in your life! #Recognize_and_never_let_them_go :) “
 Remember the scene where MS Dhoni gets his kit! What did he do,
 He went straight to that shopkeeper ( PS : Sorry for not knowing his name, He wears a turban :P ) to express his gratitude towards him.

Guess you should remember by now!!

#Ego among friends

Imagine you are with your good friend! He tested your ego, that you can’t do something,… You struggled a lot! Yet you can’t do it! He keeps on criticizing you… It would be absolutely dumb! if you scold him for doing so! Because

You are showing your disappointment of not doing something by your anger… If your friend able to get it! he won’t take personally! Or else! he would! 
 Rather than senselessly showing your anger over them,focus on the something which let yourself being criticized! In that way! both of you would be good! You would be happy that at least you have tried hard! and he (your friend who criticized you) would be happy for the fact that you have been trying because of him!

Don’t loose your loved ones! just for the sake of EGO!!

#Wish by a smile

For everyone out there.. spare few minutes, to read this.Because this happens among most of us!!

Imagine you are walking on the road and came across someone whom you met very recently or you know well but don’t spend talking much.

Wave your hand, or gently smile by greeting them. It only takes a few seconds of awkward silence to get over.

There will be 2 possibilities of how the reaction would be

1) They will recognize and you won’t have the awkward silence for the next time when you greet them! And yeah, they might greet you back for the next time, when you came along! :)

2) They won’t greet you back! And you won’t have enough time to explain that it was you! They will move on. And this is the difficult part to get over.. But, remember this will have some impact. If he/she is any good person, they will definitely remember that it was you, who greeted you back, and feel a bit unlikely of not remembering you. Aaaand here comes the hard part, you might come across, each other again! In the perspective of you, will have ego.. to get over!! ( damn difficult of course ). In the other side, he/she would have the feeling that, you would let him/her down if they greet you! considering the previous incident. And, anyone among you gets over with those mentioned, it’s all cool.. :)

The reason why I’m saying this, because of very small things, you should not lose people who could be your special someone :P #just_kidding :D

Just a simple thing! Wish every one
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