Things to take care before starting Restaurant

Establishing a new restaurant is nothing but building a new venture. But has its clutches and caveats though.

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So, Let’s start with the most vital aspect any business needs - Capital.

The capital is much needed in two phases.

1. Set Up
2. Maintenance

Phase1 — A Place, which requires a decent ambiance, and advances if you’re renting out. Moreover, you need cooking staff, especially a good chef and service excellency can change the fortune of the restaurant. Spend less than 60% of your total capital. And the rest you’ll need for maintenance for about 6 to 7 months.

Phase2 — To run the restaurant you require money for paying staff, raw material, and monthly water and energy bills. Also, you need to plan special offers to attract people. So it’s okay in the initial months to get sub-par returns. …

Ajay Kumar

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