Finding Your Motivation

Over the last couple of months I had seem to have lost my motivation, be it 5 days work a week or that I’m not actually training for anything. When I first started university I told myself, as I’m sure most students do, I’m going to get into really good shape. I am not in bad shape, but i know that the more exercise I get my self doing the better I will also feel within myself, so this is how I altered my motivational target.

I’m part of the lacrosse team at my uni and that is what kick started my motivation to be in better shape, I had 2 training sessions a week and fit 3 gym sessions in a week to make sure my game was improving. Then the off season comes around, my gym activity would decrease and my diet would always slip, takeaways would takeover.

This is when I made a decision to find a motivation that suits me, that will keep me pushing myself forward. Health, the perfect motivation, when you look at all the bad things that can happen to people when the aren’t engaged in physical activity, you find yourself looking away from exercise as a way to look good. Exercise is a key fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, even if you don’t have a 6 pack or blazing biceps, it just helps you to feel better as a person in your own body.

This is the motivation that I needed to keep me pushing, To find your own motivation you have to look at yourself and think, what am I doing this for? If you aren’t sure find the best possible positive you can and use that to keep yourself working towards your goal.

For anyone interested in Lacrosse there shall be more coming surrounding the sport.

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