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Being a UX designer is great and exciting. Just hearing the two letters “U” and “X” creates a spark within for many of us. But being a UX designer or any designer for that matter comes with many challenges and struggles. Since it is a multidisciplinary field it may get tiring at times. Some days we may not get that energy or motivation to do what we do. How to navigate such tough times? A framework and a proper mindset can help.

5 Hour UX Framework it is.

This is actually a revised and a more robust version of the 4 Hour UX Framework which I have written in detail here. …

Supercharge your design flow by trying out these modes

All deep work modes
All deep work modes

Human beings have never been distracted like this before in the entire history. Emails, messages, social media, notifications - These attention grabbers ! Instant gratification. Dopamine rush. It is hard to focus in this distracted world. You are a champion if you can continuously work for hours with focus. As designers it is essential have uninterrupted hours at least during the design phase to synthesise whatever we have acquired during the gathering phase and put them into design. It is easy to get distracted but managing them is well within our reach.

“There are always distractions, if you allow them”

— Tony la…

Make an informed decision while designing by knowing these biases

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Bias is everywhere. It is like air. And the best part is we even don’t know if we are biased or not. Some of the cognitive biases are good, they are like mental shortcuts for making quick decision. Some are really bad and many companies use this as their advantage to trick and deceive the customers. It is imperative to know different cognitive biases to make an informed decision while designing and also to get different perspective by putting ourselves in the user’s shoes. Let’s dive in.

Anchoring Effect

People tend to focus on a single, initial piece of information, which influences how they estimate value and make subsequent…

Use this effect in your design to stand out from the crowd

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What is Von Restorff Effect?

When we are presented with multiple items which are similar, the item with any distinctive feature is the easiest to remember. It is also called as “Isolation effect” .The theory was coined by German psychiatrist and pediatrician Hedwig von Restorff. When there are many items of similar properties we can create distinctiveness of an item by varying one of its preattentive attributes such as size, shape, color, spacing etc.

Curious about Preattentive attributes ? Check this out.

When should I use?

To present or highlight any important information among a group of similar information.

Why should I care?

It reduces the stress of otherwise going through different items to get to the important or most relevant detail. Even though we have impressive cognitive abilities we are still visual beings and a great amount of brain activity is spent on processing visual information. …

Nuggets of wisdom from experts to keep your momentum going

20 Design Quotes
20 Design Quotes

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

This is one of the famous quotes we have come across. This quote was said by plato over 2000 years ago. It still holds true and is relevant. Plato’s teachings and philosophies may have been forgotten but everyone remembers the quotes. Quotes are little nuggets of wisdom and are timeless.

We often look up to quotes for motivation and inspiration. A good quote in the morning like a cup of coffee ☕ can keep our day rolling. …

The goal is not to design , the goal is to become a good designer

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Becoming an expert in design and getting well versed in skills is not an easy task. There are many moving pieces in design. Getting to know all the design methods, applying them effectively and providing value as a designer can be daunting at times. And it is also heavily dependant on the type of projects, time constraints, budget limitations and resource availability.

As a UX or product designer, you may need to wear different hats especially in teams with fewer designers or if you are the only designer in the team. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and may eventually lead to burnout especially if you are a new designer and are learning the skills. …

Because learning is a continuous process

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UX Design is a multidisciplinary field where many skills of varying ranges are required to function properly as a designer. Learning different skills is a continuous process. Few designers are experts in one particular skill and most of them are generalists. Many product companies especially startups have 1 or 2 designers in their team. Lone designer is not an uncommon scenario — They call it “The UX Team of One”. It is imperative to learn the spectrum of UX design especially for single designer, those who want to try startups, those who are in companies which have gone lean.

“The exigencies of modern product and Web development mean that projects are often understaffed. When the understaffed designer is you, your success depends on knowing where to cut corners and where to apply a full-court press.” — Alan…

Not another article about color in design

Designer with different color swatches
Designer with different color swatches
Source: Freepik

There are many articles which discuss about color theory, psychology and how color affects mood and emotions. This article is slightly different. It is an exploration of color from the aspect of preattentive attributes. There are different preattentive attributes which I have previously discussed in this article and color is one of the important attributes.

“A preattentive visual property is one which is processed in spatial memory without our conscious action. In essence it takes less than 500 milliseconds for the eye and the brain to process a preattentive property “ — IDF

Our brain is very efficient is processing these properties and it requires no conscious effort from us. Colin Ware speaks about 4 categories in his book “Information Visualization: Perception for…

Resurgence of old design trends that may or may not stay for a while.

Dribbble Designs
Dribbble Designs
Source: Dribbble

Designers get excited at every year’s end to see what next year’s trend is going to be. What the future of design is going to look like. What they can carry forward to the next year; And Neumorphism was one among the lists which gained great attention.

Neumorphism has become a buzz word right now and we can see plenty of dribbble shots that has pushed this trend to the extreme. It is natural that people get bored of seeing the current designs and wanted something different. And Neumorphism was fresh.

If we break down the design of Neumorphism to the core essentials it is about Shadows and Highlights — Elevation and Depth. This is what I garnered going through different articles about Neumorphism and checking dribbble designs. The immediate thing that comes to my mind is the “Bevel & Emboss” effect in photoshop which we all used to mess around and often don’t get it right. …

Get clarity in your project like never before.

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Everyone left the meeting room with a sense of satisfaction, happiness and clarity. It was the kickoff meeting for a new project. The meeting went really well and every team member and stakeholder was clear about their role and were aligned to the vision and goal of the project.

3 Months Later…

Same meeting room with same team members but a sense of confusion, frustration and disbelief prevailed. They made very little progress and considering the current rate they were pretty sure that they can’t complete the project within the deadline. They will miss by a mile. It was a retrospective meeting. …



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