Smart Dynamic Routing — Keeping Online Payment Processing Enhanced

One of the greatest factors that can influence online shopping cart abandonment is the failure of transactions. It is commonly experienced that when we are making an online transaction, suddenly something goes wrong and the transaction fails due to unknown reasons. What are those reasons and what is the best way to control them? Smart Dynamic Routing is one of the most innovative payment gateway solutions that positively impacts the transaction success rates of an online business and helps the online customer breeze through the entire process of buying.

Transaction Failure — An Unpleasant Experience

An average customer would be pleased if he/she skims through the payment process seamlessly. This, however, doesn’t happen always, as in some cases there could be errors during input from the customer’s side. There may also be timeouts or process failure due to bank server downtime. To avoid such issues that reduce transaction success rates, CCAvenue, one of the most preferred UAE based online payment gateway providers, have a well-defined system in place. Their Smart Dynamic Routing System switches to a high performing bank gateway, ensuring higher transaction success rate and a positive customer experience.

Smart Dynamic Routing — Faster Card Processing

CCAvenue UAE merchants have multiple banks assigned to their accounts shortly after they register with the UAE payment gateway.While making an online transaction, if there are any fluctuations or the gateway of any particular bank is not functioning well, CCAvenue’s Smart Dynamic Routing quickly routes the customer’s transaction through the best performing bank gateway as it detects one immediately through its algorithms. In such instances, Smart Dynamic Routing prevents the possibility of a transaction failure, even if it has occurred due to a downtime, overload on bank servers, scheduled maintenance breaks or other similar issues.

About CCAvenue UAE

CCAvenue is a payment gateway solutions provider that offers online payment processing solutions to thousands of web merchants across major business verticals. A part of Avenues India, CCAvenue is South Asia’s largest payment gateway company that gives multi-currency and multi-payment services. The company started its UAE based operations through its tie-up with Mashreq bank in a bid to offer m-commerce and e-commerce payment solutions.

Online web merchants can now bring a complete check on their transaction success rates through the Smart Dynamic Routing feature of CCAvenue’s services. Opening a merchant account with CCAvenue is easy and less time consuming. The company also offers smart mobile payment solutions to e-merchants so that they can receive online payment securely from customers who are placing an order through their mobile device.