Coco — Movie Reviews in Under 100 Words

My wife and I go to see a lot of movies. I decided to try and encapsulate our thoughts on these movies here on Medium. You might notice that my wife, Mona, doesn’t like to write very much.

Alright gang, wifey and I made the trek to our go-to Plano theater, the Cinemark Legacy, with my sister and cousin to catch the latest Pixar film, Coco. Here were our thoughts.

Ajay: If you know my amazing wife, you know that she’s a mushy ball of emotions. And if you know Pixar movies, you know that they will turn you into mushy balls of emotion. Expect nothing less from Coco.

It’s Pixar in all of its glory, about a boy’s adventure during Día de los Muertos. Stuck in the world of the dead, chaos ensues as he tries to come back to the living. We laughed, cried, and learned about the Day of the Dead. If you’re looking for a heartstring tug, this is your ticket on Turkey Day weekend.

Mona: Familiaaaaa! 👨‍👩‍👧🎸💀

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