My Love Letter to Great People

To Great People,

Recently, I have had the wonderful opportunity to see what it’s like working with you…AND, be able to contrast that with working with terrible people. To the great people, the conclusion that I’ve reached is not new:

The people you pick can make or break you.

But how? How can that be? We’re all dynamic and wonderful people inside. Surely we all intend to do the right thing. And that’s very true, but here’s the kicker.

You, great people, work smart.

You make a product shine. You put in the attention to every detail to get it right. You know what’s important to the business. You know how your actions benefit, or detract from, the goal at hand. You take that extra step or two or seven to make it rock.

You don’t boast or brag.

You put in the work and slug it out. You get it done, no matter how crazy the task at hand is. And you have no idea how much that means to us that work with you. Because you’re not crappy people.

Crappy people don’t go the extra mile. They do what they want instead of what’s right for the team and for the business. And they can do far more damage than you can even imagine.

Please never leave me.

Hearts, Ajay

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