Just Sing…

I have an awesome 3 1/2 year old daughter who, absolutely, loves the movie Sing. Therefore, as any parent knows, I have also watched the movie umpteen-thousand times!!

Maybe you haven’t seen it… I personally think every young person, and adult chasing some kind of dream, needs to watch it. More than once!

There are so many life lessons in this movie.

The unending positive attitude of Mr. Moon. The challenges that have to be faced. And, what it feels like to accomplish the one thing you thought you couldn’t! To WIN!

Each character performing has to overcome something. They all know they have something great deep down, but don’t know what to do other than be a part of this singing competition. To take this first step.

One character has to overcome their past. To not become what everyone in their family has. It’s a strong bond to break, and hard to make something better of yourself when the parent expects them to fall in line with the rest of the family.

One has to overcome what their friends think. They have to face a hard reality that the ones they thought they’d be with forever just weren’t going in the same direction they are.

Another, had to overcome all the things she was doing as Mom. She had to figure out a lot of details so that she could chase her dream. Had to say no to some things to say yes to herself. She had to “get out of her own way” and chase what she KNEW she was good at, even if the others ignored her.

And, still, another had to overcome being afraid. Deep down she knew she was GREAT, but to show that to the world meant to show vulnerability. “What if I mess up?” “What if I can’t do it?” “What if I look silly?”

All with the same question in the back of their minds…


But…you know my favorite line in the movie comes when Mr. Moon tells one of the performers “Just Sing… because once you start singing, you won’t feel afraid anymore.”

I love that because for most of us, all we have to do is just ____! Fill in the blank with whatever your first step needs to be! Taking the first step is always the scariest! After that, it seems like each step gets easier and easier! You won’t be afraid anymore, just accomplishing.

For some, it’s looking in to what type of business you want to start. Others, it’s writing the first chapter for a book or article for a blog. For others, it could be going back to school to get a certain degree knowing it’s what you’re passionate about. Or quitting a job, even though it seems crazy to everyone around you, because you KNOW you are supposed to do something different. To pursue what you’re passionate about!

So, if you were to look into the future and visualize what you’d be doing when living your ideal life, what would that be?

What would be your first step to get you to that end result?

For me, it was having a coach to help me clarify some things, and then telling a small group of trusted friends what I was “thinking” of doing. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it was scary to put myself and what I was thinking of pursuing out there to others. Inside, those dreams are protected. Once out… it’s a whole new ballgame.

I couldn’t believe how elated it made me feel once my first step was taken. And, what I found was that the next steps weren’t as hard!

So… Just Sing!

Make your “voice” heard in whatever dream or passion you want to pursue!