Sheltering in place and “doing school”

Unsplash: Josh Applegate

With Covid-19 being all anyone is talking or concerned about right now, I have been thinking a lot about the families and children who have been thrust into this time of unknown and chaos. There are daily changes and recommendations into what we can/should and can’t/shouldn’t do. Whether you are…

They are not synonyms … even though Webster says so

Unsplash-Preslie Hirsch

This is the time of year we hear the words “JOY” and “HAPPINESS” everywhere. We see the wonderful Christmas commercials, the lights, the holiday songs and we feel all the feels! We get caught up in the “feel-good” of the season. These things create a happy emotion that rises within…

What is anchoring you when the hurricanes of life hit?

Pixabay by Pexels

It runs from June 1 through the end of November. Where I live, this isn’t important information. However, anyone who lives near a coastal town or outlying island knows… it is time to make sure you are prepared, whether one is bearing down on you, like Dorian, or not. …

Running Shoes- Author’s picture

How the journey of running and developing life habits parallel

I have recently taken up running (jogging to most people). This is significant because all of my life I’ve made statements like, “I only run if something’s chasing me!” or “Running is torture!”

I know…a little dramatic, but necessary to set the stage. When thinking of actually increasing my pace…

How this may help save your relationships

Up North Michigan — A. Balkema

Picture a beautiful, long winding road. Peaceful sun streaming through the windows and sunroof. Nice, freeing drive. My hubby and I were in the car together on a weekend-long road trip!

We were away from our normal routine of day to day things. We were away from our young daughter…

Amanda Balkema

A lover of the Jesus, ocean, books, and all things coffee and chocolate. Passionate about helping people with their life and relationships!

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