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I have the incredibly privileged fortune of being able to bear witness to strong, brave humans who are actively recovering from significant trauma.

It feels almost wrong to write that sentence. That it may come across as celebrating someone else’s pain and suffering. That interpretation isn’t lost on me.

But I believe we should celebrate those in the arena; those who are battling through pain, adversity and trauma. Those who are looking their pain in the eye, poking it, prodding it, and at war with it. For they are the true warriors and gladiators of the human spirit.

Hearing their…

What business owners need to be doing right now to survive COVID19.

Photo by gustavo Campos on Unsplash

To help my coaching clients I have been consuming a lot of the coronavirus data modelling to understand the likely duration and impacts of the current pandemic. Here I share some of what that data is telling us, and the advice I’ve been giving to my clients.

As of Saturday 28 March, there were 3,635 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, and the numbers are currently doubling every 3.5 days. These confirmed cases have been detected amongst some 202,000 tests performed so far in Australia. The actual number…

Someone asked me the other day for the lessons I learnt selling into the hospitality and tourism industry, so this is my quick brain dump of top tips to note when selling products or services to hotels. It is not designed to be exhaustive.

These tips come from my experience running a technology company based in Queensland Australia, that was selling software and hardware to hotels over a 9 year period, mostly into Australia and New Zealand. That experience included selling into large international chains, into small privately owned properties, and to property rights-management operators.

Managers are time poor: Owner-managed…

I am alone.
It’s raining.
The ocean confused.
The sun disguised by cloud.
The temperature cold.
The beach shower warm.
Goose bumps in jeans.

I am alone.
My kids are away.
Far away.
Always front of mind.
Making the distance more.

I am alone.
My one is not here.
Oxygen. Everything.
Fleeting moments.
Like footprints in sand.
Too short. Too short. Too short.

I am alone.
Today is nothingness.
I have no plans.
No motivation to make plans.
No motivation to make motivation.
Toolkit on the shelf.

I am alone.
I don’t want to be alone.
Life is less when alone.
So much…

Lukla airport in Nepal

Travel doesn’t have to be an exhausting sequence of unhealthy choices, nor a reason to break good habits and routines. Like everything else, it’s simply a choice.

This post is my short version of my top eleven tips I use for maintaining my mind and body while travelling.

If you would prefer more detail, you can read the long version of this post here.

Tip #1: Choose a hotel that refuels your soul.

Instead of purely choosing a hotel based on it’s price or proximity to where you need to be, consider choosing a hotel room that will best allow you to refuel and recover: Does it have a 24 hour gym? Is it located near a beach or park? Does its appearance bring you happiness and joy?

Tip #2: Pack for a peak mindset.

Pack the things that bring you joy and…

Our group with some of the local Mongolian families we lived with

Continuing on from my post yesterday about why I seek out adventures, today I’ve written about my most recent one. A few weeks ago I returned from a ten day adventure experience in Mongolia where we lived in gers with nomadic families, and which even saw us on horse-back “helping” them to muster their herds through their seasonal migration from their winter to their spring camp.

I keep getting asked a lot of questions about the trip, so this post is to share what I learnt and experienced. …

Heading off to do ice-climbing in Colorado in 2018. I use adventure as a mechanism for clarity and growth.

Before I took off on a recent adventure someone I know made a comment to me along the lines of “let me guess, you’ll get back and write yet another blog post about some life epiphany or self-realisation you had on the trip.”

The comment obviously told me a lot about them, but it also gave me a lot of food for thought.

The immediate response in my head — which is what I should have said but didn’t — was this: absolutely and of course that’s what’s going to happen because that’s exactly why I go on these challenges…

Our camp in Mongolia. A very different reality to my normal day to day.

This morning I got into a taxi at Brisbane airport, longingly looking out the window in the direction of my loved ones over the horizon ahead of me, deep in reflective thought. It took me a full minute before I realised we weren’t moving and the driver was sitting staring at me, waiting for me to tell him where to go.

Similarly in the last 30+ hours of international transfers I’ve been struggling to make decisions of what to eat, instead staring mindlessly at menus, incapable of discerning any internal cravings.

Even getting dressed for the day this morning I…

Our first Startup Weekend Gold Coast back in 2013

Today in Boulder Colorado the Startup Catalyst Community Leaders Mission has 15 startup community leaders meeting with David Cohen, co-founder of TechStars. It’s the first time I have missed that particular mission and visit to TechStars in three years, and watching the social media images I am reminded of what makes startup communities function: humans who help humans.

Our 2017 Youth Mission at Twitter HQ

If you are reading this, then more than likely you are about to participate in a Startup Catalyst mission.

You are likely feeling excited. Very excited even. Perhaps with a sprinkle of trepidation or uncertainty as to what to expect (there is a deliberate reason why we don’t share the schedule with everyone earlier). Perhaps you are even feeling a touch of imposter syndrome, or at least a little apprehensive about how you will fit in with the rest of the group.

If any of that describes you, then good. That’s actually exactly how you should be feeling.

At the…

Aaron Birkby

Human Transformation Architect. Dad of two amazing souls. Lover of adventure. Passionate about human & company growth. Co-founder Peak Persona & Tribe Global.

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