Tofino Recall and Farewell

“ In Your Gaze I Can Feel Nostalgy ”

Ramin Djawadi — Maester
See the ocean of a perfect blue
See the horizons that continue
To reflect this bright light
Far away into the night
Never forget the sweet rustle
Of the wind which comes to the river
Never delete the fresh morning
That revitalizes whales swimming
Remember, just remember
We were around the fire
Sharing a childhood happiness
Your joy tears flowed into the darkness
Smile, please smile
We were contemplating the sky
Our spirits became one with waves
Until you slept hearing the tide
feel like a broad
We hungrily broiled
And then went to our bungalow
Where you were like at home
Come on
Come home
Just follow
That breeze
And live
See, dream
we were in Tofino …
A place for hope.
This picture is not mine