it’s this bullshit i cannot abide. you speak in absolutes: women can “always” have a family

And your lack of honesty is exactly what I’m talking about when I say we can’t have honest dialog. Your “not all women” comment is evasive and ignores the glaring reality.

Until you are willing to admit the reality that women carry and control children, and this definitive difference gives you huge power over your destiny, then we need to just stop talking about ancillary shit. Yes, not all women carry children. But ZERO men (ignoring the transgender scam) carry children. 100 percent of child bearers are genetic females.

You seem intent, it appears on pretending you are no different than me. You are fucking different. You have never had a person hold your baby inside them and consider killing it. You have never had a person make a very credible threat to never let you see your child — credible not by legal action but because they held total control over your child.

You have never had to pay ransom money to see your children and have a lawyer tell you “well, you’re a man. Men have to buy their kids.”

Nature is sexist. Nature steals men’s offspring, puts them inside a woman, and says “better make her happy if you ever want a relationship with your kids.” That is a life changing experience.

This has not happened to you. You seem intent on pretending it really doesn’t matter to the motivations of men and women.

To me, there is nothing more important, nothing worth fighting for more than my kids. And as a man, in that fight I started out having already lost. A woman has all the power. All I can do is work, make money, and hope to buy what your body gives you naturally.

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