I agree that this type of relationship is not as emotionally satisfying as many Westerners would…
Stacy Vye

Another example: I have a friend in his 50s. Back in the 80s he graduated law school and has worked like a dog for the last 30 years. He has a very successful law practice now that he pretty much hates but can’t stop. Turning off the money faucet would be a disaster — he has two homes, a Mercedes and an Escalade, and three kid in college.

Meanwhile his wife was a pretty girl. He met her right out of law school. She’s never earned more than a basic income as a secretary. She’s put on a lot of weight. But 30 years out, she is living like a high-powered lawyer. She owns half of the two houses, the Mercedes and Escalade, and her three kids are getting their tuition paid. Her life is very low-stress — she just uses her husband’s bank account.

I NEVER see men living like she does. Any man who lived like that would be kicked to the curb by his wife. Yet I see lots of my peers wives living like that. Hilariosly, everyone says they are amazing, strong mothers and claims the husbands are lucky to have them.

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