Andrew Wyld

Heterosexual males never talk about their depression. That’s why they’re seen as the least depressed people by everyone — because we’ve made sure that any heterosexual male who complains instantly becomes a social reject, which of course means he’s complaining because he’s a social reject, not because heterosexual maleness is depressing.

Whereas a gay person can be depressed AS A GAY PERSON and become a statistic about how gays are more likely to be depressed. They don’t become a failure/loser by wanting to kill themselves, and drop out of the “well generally heterosexual males have it way better because more of them are CEOs/presidents/Billionaires” group.

You aren’t allowed to diagnose heterosexual males as a group in any way that indicates they need help — they’re not to be studied, researched or helped. They’re a resource for the rest of society to draw on.

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