I am getting repeatedly banned from Facebook for disagreeing with the idea that men can become women and vice versa

My first Facebook ban lasted 24 hours. As with all subsequent bans, there was no warning, no explanation, and no chance for appeal. I was banned for telling a transsexual that I didn’t think he was a “woman.”

Please note, I wasn’t harassing or threatening said transsexual — rather this was in the context of an active argument in a comments thread. I wasn’t cruel or insulting (unless you believe it’s an insult to tell a person born with a penis “I don’t think you’re a woman”).

Now, if you DO think this is an insult with no content, fine. But why politically debate at all? You clearly have a religious fervor to your political opinions, and there’s no room for free thinking or debate. You might as well just tell me how to think, surround yourself with robots who echo what you believe.

I’m open to the possibility that at some point we can re-define “man” and “woman” to include “whoever wants to be called man or woman no matter what their DNA.” But it hasn’t happened yet, and frankly I find some very damaging social consequences to such a perspective. Again, if you disagree, fine, but to end debate puts us in a world where human beings can’t think for themselves. Why kill debate?

My second Facebook ban lasted 72 hours. It was for the same offense, effectively. A bit different tone to the conversation, but again, simply suggesting that a transsexual person wasn’t ACTUALLY THE SEX THEY CLAIMED TO BE was what got me banned.

Now, I did get cautious after that. I stopped really expressing this belief. Facebook is a valuable resource for me; many old friends I’m connected to have given me no other way to contact me. When I’m banned, I’m basically cut off from a large portion of my social circle.

The third ban, which is still in effect, is for a completely undetermined amount of time. Facebook said “7 days” when they first banned me, but it’s been more than 7 days. Still banned. Zero explanation of when it’s going to end.

The reason I was banned this time? I told a woman that she could have babies and men couldn’t, and thus she was probably going to have lots of men tell her what she wanted to hear. This is, word for word, what Facebook banned me for — a comment on a thread in the Daily Show Facebook fan site:

“Clair Coons, I am not interested in attracting women so no problems there. I’m sure you can find plenty of men to tell you what you want to hear. After all, you can make babies and they can’t.”

Now, the connection to my prior posts seems obvious to me. You can’t say that women are “people who can make babies” and men are people who can inseminate women. This is simply not allowed to be spoken, and is a banable offense.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get back on Facebook. Which is sad to me, because I do generally connect with family and friends there better than anywhere else. But apparently, I’m not quick enough to recognize the nuances of what sort of speech can get you permanently banned from the Facebook world.

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