She’s a lesbian it’s some weird right of passage to assume men are all limited to whatever she can…
Rand Hooks

I appreciate the observation, but I don’t think she’s strictly closed-minded. She does seem to genuinely try to, to some degree, evaluate males. I’m trying to be helpful by pointing out where underlying assumptions tend to take over her rational analysis. As for who she’s sexually attracted to, she seems to be attracted to anyone who’s really, really attracted to her (but only to her beautiful inner soul, not her body). You could be male or female — the point is somehow you have to recognize the super-wonderful inner beauty of her. Since I think the idea of inner beauty is a really sticky quagmire of selfishness, ego and denial I think a lot of her false assumptions come from defending this belief — she puts a lot more moral value on her own choices and preferences and desires than on the choices, preferences and desires of others to the extent they conflict. Defending the beauty of her own choices, preferences and desires is a critical element of her narrative.

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