Hey AJ
Bernardo Batista

OK, biology isn’t the entire thing. Now that we have that argument, which I have never considered to be my point but apparently you are concerned with, out of the way, my point as modified still stands. We refuse to address biological differences honestly. For example whenever someone mentions that biology exists and is an issue, some people say “stop acting like biology is the entire thing!” and start arguing as though mentioning biology will eliminate everything else as factors.

So yeah, let’s not ONLY look at things regarding biology. I don’t think there’s any risk of that, but since you respond to my mention of biology by accusing me of only caring about biology, I guess that’s one more hurdle we have go cross to get biology even on the table.

I should note that the whole “transexual” movement, while operating under the guise of inclusiveness, is really about eliminating biology as a consideration. Biology becomes a choice — don’t like being a heterosexual male? Just cut your dick off and take hormones. Stop bitching.

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