Is it your view, AJ, that women do not also crave sex?
Virginia Hall

Regarding my reference to testosterone below, reading your profile I’m guessing you know the basics of the hormones. It’s my view that, at some point in the future, if humans evolve enough, men will be eliminated entirely, because they are only a partially-functional beings.

At this point, the science doesn’t justify it fully — you have to really, really want to be a woman to transition today since the reproductive stuff isn’t functional. But once artificial wombs are perfected, men are going to disappear. And that will be a good thing.

In a society where individuals are “equal” Men are reproductively disabled, basically drones pursuing sex with no other function. Men’s role ends at conception. Everything after that is totally imbalanced. Women are fully functional, capable of having their own families. For women, of course, men can be extremely useful, but only in a very imbalanced way. Men are really suffering as a result.

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