How the Internet Gave Mail-Order Brides the Power
Meredith Talusan

Slowly, hopefully, men are waking up to what a terrible deal this is for them. Like many vulnerable men I was raised to believe that a beautiful young woman is perfect just as she is. Never a question of “am I being used and exploited?” Men can’t be “used and exploited” precisely because that is ALL that happens to men.

The truth is, of course, that men who marry beautiful women are being farmed, exploited and used. Bu that’s the only option ever presented to men. Nobody ever says to a rich man with a beautiful woman on his arm “hey, how come she gets to live like a rich person and you risk being a poor person?” The answer is so obvious — she is beautiful and a beautiful woman is the most desired thing.

Except of course, it isn’t. Men are so used, so manipulated, so oblivious. And it is so hard to wake up when everyone loves the idea of exploiting them.

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