I tried to select a quote here that sums up how incredibly sexist this rant is, but it’s actually…
Monica Rasmussen

That doesn’t work at all because there are no biological differences between religious groups. Your response reflects the dishonesty I’m talking about.

Men and women are drastically different in their life opportunities as a result of biology. And the reason we don’t acknowledge this difference is that these biological differences create an imbalance that helps society.

We have one group we can send to do the dangerous jobs, the dying, the fighting, the hard lonely work; and another group that we can keep sheltered and supoorted to create and raise more members.

This dynamic is further enabled by male desperation — men are desperate for family and sex, and are thus willing to pay a very high price. Think of boys flying to their deaths in airplanes that have pictures of pretty young women on them, or boys smashing into each other on the football field, injuring themselves, as pretty girls dance on the sidelines. Think of boys spending three month’s salary on an engagement ring for a girl, hoping she will say yes so he can buy her a house.

Biologically, women benifit tremendously from this dynamic, and men are subjugated by it. But modern liberalism won’t talk about it.

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