I believe based on your posting that you think your life is ruined because some woman walked away.
Well as an average male you might enjoy the 1950s.
Bridget C

The idea that men are just heartbroken is so dishonest too. Women steal men’s children and property, leveraging the fact that they legally and physically control men’s children.

Tell me how many women you know who have been kicked out of homes they bought, and told they can’t see their children. This is incredibly easy for a woman to do to a man.

What you discount in your description of the 1950s is the fact that almost all low-income family men lived with their children. Came home to their children at night.

In low income families today, over half are with mothers only. Very few are with fathers only, and that only happens if a mother chooses it.

And it’s getting worse. There is no point in a two-parenr family at lower income levels unless both parents are madly in love. Barring that, mom gets the kids and dad lives alone and gets a child support bill. Mom gets more support from government than she would from a man, and has zero financial incentive to cooperate with dad — in fact she gets more money from dad and government if she lets dad have less access to his kids.

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