You Were a Misogynist Before Testosterone:
Rae Rosenberg

When I hear someone like you talk, I am pretty much ready to give up on liberalism and let the right wing take over. What do you hold for heterosexual males, really? Other than endless pennance and apologies?

Sure, your great for women. Women are allowed to make endless mistaked, hurt whever they want.

A women can tear my living child out of her body and it’s a “brave choice” I should respect. But if I tell her “hey, I like your tits” I am a rapist who should be in jail.

Sharia law is more fair to the sexes than this.

Anyway, I voted for Trump. Voted for Obama twice, but this is just insanely unfair. You have zero empathy for heterosexual males. I see nothing for me in your world but misery.

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