Sometimes it’s Okay to Walk Away
Lindsay Parker

Why do you call this new guy your forever love? Our culture of romance is basically one long bluff — each person is called “the one” for just as long as we can fucking stand it.

I spent so much of my adult life looking for “the one” I was supposed to find to allegedly be happy. And that wasted time was the fault of all the people like you who lie over and over about having found something that doesn’t exist.

I’m sure that during your prior relationships you ALSO misrepresented to many people that you had found “the one” and then of course had to blame your “one” viciously for the problems later.

Just stop. You are settling right now because it is comfortable. I imagine the fact that he is military and not around much helps maintain the illusion.

Or maybe not, maybe you are both just good liars. Stop. Be fucking honest please. Stop playing the game that keeps misleading people to hope for something that doesn’t exist.

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