I guess what I’m trying to say is that when you ignore social and cultural aspects, you arrive at…
Bernardo Batista

Why is the general lay-of-the-land description so problematic for you? In order to describe how women tend to behave I have to take a 1000 foot view.

The fact that some women don’t behave as the vast majority do isn’t problematic because I don’t say women HAVE TO or ALWAYS behave the way I describe. It’s just a general description of how women tend to behave.

The fact is, these observations are extremely helpful in developing an understanding of the how the world actually works. Obviously there are exceptions.

But it’s pretty easy to spot an exception and adjust for it. If I see a female firefighter I’m not going to say “Oh my god, my whole model of social behavior is now disrupted. I now have no idea whether the next firefighter I see will be male or female — heck, for all I know I may never see a male firefighter again!”

Likewise, if I happen to walk into a workplace that is at first glance staffed by primarily middle-aged married women (I can tell by their rings) I can pretty much guarantee that the work will be relatively easy, predictable and non-competitive, and the pay will be commensurately low.

I’m sure somewhere out there there is a Glengary/Glen Ross style office of fiercely competitive all-female salespeople who bring their paychecks home to their sleepy stay-at-home house-husbands who have no idea how much work it is to keep the family together financially. But when I find it, I’m STILL going to assume that the next 99 offices with all women I enter won’t be that way.

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