Good god almighty.
Bridget C

Your arrogant attitude toward men is an example of your equity. You didn’t need a man so OF COURSE you rejected a whole bunch of them. You know how many women I rejected? Zero. I scored in the 98th percentile on my ACTs in college, was in the 97th percentile for height, had appropriate body mass and was relatively attractive (I say this now looking at pictures of me back then; had no idea at the time.)

Had I been female with those statistics I would have been flooded with suitors. But I had zero. Because males have a whole different set of opportunities (lack thereof) in life.

Your contempt for males arises from the fact that you had options. You could create your own family out of thin air, and raise them with government support. I had no such options. My only hope of ever having a family was to work my ass off doing work I hated to make enough money and gather enough status to be marketable.

Now we have kind of reached the same place at long last. You clearly have a lot of contempt for men. I have a lot of contempt for women becuase looking back I see how easy it was for them. None of my sexual partners ever paid for anything. They all expected to be told they were amazing and beautiful and that I would do anything for them. I was basically a slave, voluntarily, because I was desperate and had been through that long period of invisibility young males experience.

I see guys trapped in miserable marriages all the time because they finally found a woman who would agree to fuck them on a regular basis. They pay for everything and she lives a life of relative ease while being told she is amazing. Yeah, “whore” is a relatively descriptive term.

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