Solving the diseases of the 21st Century

People in developed countries are living longer than people were one hundred years ago. However some people claim that most of the increase in average lifespan is due to far fewer deaths of babies. Unfortunately, we seem to be seeing a corresponding increase in the incidence of diseases that are occurring earlier in peoples’ lives…even earlier than people would normally see the onset of these diseases a century ago.

Here are the most common diseases:

As you can see, heart disease is by far the most common, followed by cancer. The other common diseases are diabetes and Alzheimer’s. One has to ask why these diseases are the most common and not other ones. If we know what the fundamental cause of these diseases are, we’ll be able to prevent people from developing them.

Another chart might help elucidate these statistics:

It’s pretty amazing the degree to which so many people in so-called developed nations are deficient in all these nutrients! And these are calculated based off the recommended daily values provided by the Food and Drug Administration which are debated by some people whether they are actually completely adequate for anything more than preventing the worst diseases. For example, the RDA for vitamin C was determined based on what it takes for a person to avoid developing Scurvy. That says nothing of the amount a person would need to consume in order to have optimal healthy beyond simply not developing scurvy…

Now what’s REALLY fascinating is when you investigate a little more deeply into the connections between these deficiencies and the most common diseases that people suffer from, and sometimes die of. When you consider the prominent role that Magnesium plays in the health of the heart, it’s really no wonder that heart disease is the number one killer in America because approximately 75% of Americans have inadequate intake of the mineral.

In fact, the deficiencies in Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Magnesium are interrelated with the amount of problems this country has with dental carries and osteoporosis. It’s a common misconception that Calcium is really the only necessary nutrient for healthy bones and teeth. In actual fact, the bones and teeth really also need Phosphorous, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Magnesium in order to maintain a healthy level of mineralization. Magnesium is a base on the pH scale so, along with sodium-bicarbonate, the bones are able to keep a level of Magnesium stored in the bones to be used to balance the pH of the bloodstream so the acids produced during metabolism or consumed in the diet don’t destroy the bones or teeth.

Magnesium is best obtained in most leafy-green vegetables. It should probably also be supplemented via Epsom salts which can be absorbed in bathwater. You may also apply a Magnesium oil to the skin and absorb it topically that way.

Beyond preventing heart disease, Magnesium also helps you sleep better, have higher energy levels, cope with stress, have improved attention span, prevents ADHD, prevents diabetes, and is necessary for producing Glutathione. (the body’s master Antioxidant) So your mom was right when she told you to each your vegetables. And it’s definitely wise to include plenty of vegetables and nutritious foods in our diet for the sake of the health of our children.

Vitamin K is best found in Broccoli and Kale.

Vitamin E is number one on the list of most common nutrient deficiencies. It’s no wonder then that the incidence of Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative or developmental diseases like Autism and ADHD are occurring in the population. This vitamin is important for the health of the brain and nervous system as well as the health of the skin and hair!

So one can hear about these statistics ad infinitum but unless you resolve that you are going to buck the trend and not be a part of these deficient groups, you are going to be getting a sub-optimal level of these nutrients and going to develop these diseases prematurely.

Most people can benefit by supplementing with a high-quality multi-vitamin just to fill in any gaps in their nutrition. The challenge is finding one that actually contains quality forms of the vitamins and minerals because they all can be obtained in many different compound forms. Generally, the ones you would find in a local grocery store are not going to be the level of quality that you should be looking for. Those are usually the highly-synthetic versions which are proven not be absorbed well at all by the body and probably what is absorbed isn’t as useful anyway… do you personally actually know what your levels of nutrients are? Well, you can actually measure your status of these nutrients by ordering a blood panel. A company called WellnessFX actually is able to work with local clinics nationwide and have your blood samples sent to their labs so they can analyze your levels of nutrients! It does make it a bit easier to work a plan when you know where you are starting from and you have a goal of where you need to head.

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