The allure of un-sexy industries

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I’ve always been fascinated by the waves of disruption in different sectors. They never stop and it always, like many things in life, seem to have a pendulum effect.

Many industries remain stagnant for decades and I don’t mean that they are void of innovation but their progress comes from within and it never implies disruption. UNTIL, a startup gets some traction and simplifies something within the industry.

Lets take Delivery Startups as an example. For decades the restaurants had their own delivery service if they had enough demand and locations. Then, by using geo location and algorithms, companies started providing that service to the great majority of restaurants that don’t have enough demand and locations to build their own solution. And even if they did, today it wouldn’t make sense.

People got use to having two or three apps on their phones to satisfy their hunger whenever and wherever they are. Embracing the lazy self that lives inside us, we got use to it and now, it’s a standard.

Living like billionaires of the 1950 is possible today with a slightly above average wage and a phone. We got clothing dropped at our door, groceries, food from our favorite restaurants and even dry cleaning.

But most of those industries where not sexy. Delivering food, organizing dry cleaning and laundry, doing the grocery shopping for people. But technology has a way of making the mundane and common place a big business. There are still many industries that are ripe for disruption, the question is how and who will do it.

I for one, am taking the vehicle washing industry and giving it a spin. Why? Well, I live in Europe and the vehicle washing industry is controlled by petrol companies and for them it’s simply an up sell that works. Most innovation comes from the United States and in the form of better washing tunnels because distances there don’t allow for other viable options.

A well done location based on-demand service in Europe is no easy task but my team and I have been working on a solution for months and will launch our service in Barcelona this November. We’ll add another industry service that will be available for every body at the touch of a button. One more solution that brings the billionaire lifestyle of the 1950s to every day people today.


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FROGO | Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Logistics. @ajchocron

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