Casey Neistat ends his vlog ?

hey guys this is Antony Jackson Cruz .

it is this saturday night in chennai,tamilnadu,india

my friends are out sleeping and partying and eating while i was waiting for a vlog to be uploaded so that i could watch it .

Casey neistat The final episode , i espected this day to come but not so fast !

it was s uprise but i am happy maybe the future is brighter on the other hand .

Casey neistat i found this man online on march of 2016 . He has been upload vlogs since long before it was crazy what he does sharing his personal lifeatyle in 10 mins everyday . Before he was giving out vlog on youtube i was trying to create a vlog for myself without the knowledge of someone is doing it out their .


A young boy who moved to new york and washed dishes in a sea food restaurant , casey must have said this atleast a 100 times till now it just got into my head

he has been through a lot , a life , 2 kids , a love , a passion .

he did not only showed it is possible to do anything but he also showed us what is inside every one of us .

i was tired , sad , thinking how to mix my careered life with a creative one casey gave me a way to it .

ABC = Always Be Closing.

Do More

not only this the quites he shows and says in his vlog are like bible of confidence it pushed me to some here write this blog too at the midnight from south india sitting on my table.

For the fans who are reading this dont worry casey is gonna be back in full form and factor in future just wait for it .

according to casey i guess this is not the end this is just a beginning .

he told me that applying paint on rayban wayfarers are not a big problem it is a thing .

breaking your leg and running marathon is a not a big thing .

hitting a 7 mile pace everyday not a big deal.

he not only speaks but he proves things . totally .

thats it guys just wanted to say this

end of my first blog on medium ( just the beginning ).