13 down 45 more to go…

I am on almost week 8 on this journey to “TRY” and prevent diabetes….

Officially I am down 13 lbs!!! Once I hit the 15 lb lost mark, my doctor explained to be that my chances to becoming a diabetic drops 50% or more.. # years ago I did it, now again I plan on losing more then the 40 I lost then! Plus the key is, I want to make a lifestyle change.

My days have been starting out pretty nice, get to work early and get some jogging in.

Last night I broke down and treated myself to a Triple Double Oreo!!! It was AMAZINGGGGG!!!

Has any one of you did Paleo???? Comment on my post and explain a lil to me..

Please continue to pray for me as I am praying for you my friends!!!!!

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