My journey to combat Type 2 diabetes

Hi My name is AJ Davis, I am a 32 year old male born in Virginia!!!!! I served our country in the Navy and traveled around the globe!!!! Now I live in Oregon with my beautiful wife Katie and our 3 wild kids!!! Diabetes runs in my family and my grandma had them for an a good portion of her life from what I remember. So it is common in my family and after my doctors appointment unrelated to my test that I took in July, I started to ask questions. The answers I got was what I expected as I kind of ignored what the Doc said in July. I kept saying to myself “I am young and nothing can stop me” Well I had a reality check today.. Dr. George( as her nurse told me was not a guy) “Do you want to be labeled this young?” It really stuck with me all day, especially when she gave me a prescription that I might need to take for a year to help prevent me from becoming prescription.

My belief in Jesus Christ and support from my prayer warriors will get me through this… As I am typing this one of my childhood friends messages me and tells me “He will help me beat it” He is a certified natural health coach.

God is the answer…..Good Night from Carlton Oregon…..