Why we built a Dropbox clone in 2017.

Milos Stokic
Sep 21, 2017 · 2 min read

Hi there, my name is Milos and, together with some friends, I have built CommonClip, a simple file sharing app for project teams. I know what you’re thinking — it’s 2017 and the last thing the world needs is another Dropbox clone. You are probably right, but read on to find out why you might be wrong.

What’s the matter?
I work in an advertising agency, where my team works on campaigns with clients and a dozen of external freelancers and companies. Every day, I spend hours handling 100 emails to make sure that everyone gets the information and files they need to get their job done. It is crazy that a decade after Dropbox went mainstream we are still sending email attachments back and forth instead of having one place where internal and external people can share files with each other throughout the project.

There must be an app for that.
It’s easy to find popular file sharing services that can do that and I tested many of them. However, on these platforms everybody has to create an account to do even the most basic thing like uploading a new file. This is not a problem when you work in stable team constellations and everyone agrees on one service; but when new people from other companies join your project for a few days or weeks, this is not going to happen and people will stick to email.

A new tool for a new workflow.
What I desperately needed was a service where I could share a folder and also let others upload their files without asking them to create their own account. This is exactly what you can do with CommonClip. It sounds like a small difference, but it has a huge impact on our workflow with clients and freelancers. Now everybody in a project shares the same file infrastructure and everything is in one place. Even though I give others access to all features, I still keep full control over who gets access to which files and folders. You can see how it works in this short overview video.

We are curious to hear what you think and invite you to try our free beta on commonclip.com.

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