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House, this podcast is all a DC Fat Boy like me ever dreamed of, thank you.

I have some crucial diner suggestions for you

  1. I loved hearing the Tastee Diner & Steak and Egg shout outs as a Bethesda guy, but there’s a better way. MCLEAN FAMILY RESTAURANT!!! Not to sound like Monsieur Fieri, but the Kapetanakis family has been doing it right in the DMV for nearly fifty years. Hands down the best waffle, but fantastic at all the classics as well as some great Greek food.
  2. Louisiana Kitchen in Bethesda is not really a diner, but damn is their breakfast great. Their French toast is basically half beignet, and they have some killer seafood breakfast options, including a my favorite the Poached Eggs Louisiana Express: on top of blackened catfish with oyster hollandaise. Also, a beast of an egg & andouille po’ boy is a must try.

As well as some other spots you have to hit if you haven’t already

  1. Wagshal’s on Mass ave — best sandwich in DC is their warm brisket sandwich. Great pickles there as well, which I know you appreciate. Also a top-notch butcher.
  2. I’m sure you’ve been their plenty, but the David Chang approved Woodmont Grill (formerly Houston’s, still part of Hillstone restaurants) is the absolute king of the classics. I would put my money on them for the best chicken sandwich. I think even better than Fuku (no disrespect to my fellow Prep grad, who is my food hero). The French dip and burger are also legendary. Unbelievable salads, appetizers (the spinach & artichoke dip is 100% unmatched), desserts, everything. The only thing there I wouldn’t grade an A or A+ is the fries.
  3. I need your opinion on Cookout — personally my favorite fast food burger spot other than 5 Guys.
  4. Passage to India — it’s better than Rasika and all other challengers.
  5. Dante Ristorante in Great Falls is the best old-school, classical Italian. Beautiful spot, the atmosphere could not be more fitting. Check out the AGNOLOTTI DI SPINACI E RICOTTA ALLA PANNA, which is my favorite DC area pasta dish. People in the know will order the Stracciatella soup to start (off menu, but so good, add lots of parmigianno and pepper)
  6. Of course, the #1 DC Power spot: Peking Gourmet Inn. The Peking Duck there is the best single food item in all of DC.