You have a problem? Submit a Pull Request. You don’t know how to fix it? Spend some time in the codebase and learn how — or you can do what Michael Mifsud did and learn a programming language to contribute to an open source project he loved and used. Don’t have time to do that? Cool, they don’t have time for you either.
The Sad State of Entitled Web Developers
Una Kravets

I appreciate the point here, but I would note that while users can’t expect project maintainers to kowtow to their every tech support demand, maintainers must realise that their users also have competing demands on their time and it is often unreasonable to expect them to become active contributors.

I realise that this article is written primarily for a context where users are actually downstream developers, but when we’re talking about non-developer users, I find the pattern of “my video card isn’t working properly” -> “have you tried compiling a kernel from Linus’ git tree?” to be somewhat of a barrier to Free Software adoption by non-technical users.

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