Jack of all trades, master of none.
Łukasz Holeczek

Thank you for creating Core UI. You mentioned you don’t know what your customers need. Here is an example: I am writing a mobile/tablet app which will be used for employees in a small company. The mobile app is written with Ionic/AngularJS/Cordova technologies so that it can run on iOS and Android devices. For back-end I am using Firebase BAAS(Back-end As A Service). Now, some employees in that company need a web app (or an app that runs on PC) that allows them to connect to the same back-end and use the data for other purposes (creating reports, printing, etc). I am looking for an admin/dashboard web app that let me connect to Firebase but at the same time don’t expose my source code (like JS files that anyone can read using Inspect feature of Chrome Browser), especially not the code that is used to connect to the database. I am really confused and can’t find what I need.