How hidden cameras are affecting the privacy of a person

With the advent of innovative technology, mankind has been benefitted in numerous ways with a majority of people reaping in the advantages. One of the wonders of the modern world is the security camera that is generally made use of at offices as well as a few homes. This device has gained immense popularity due to the fact that it offers numerous benefits but also comprises a number of drawbacks. Mentioned below are a few advantages as well as disadvantages of this technological masterpiece:

The usefulness of hidden cameras

CCTV cameras sold by retailers and ecommerce websites such as ShopClues, Flipkart, and Amazon are extremely useful in situations and fields wherein one has to nab a criminal or a catch a suspect. These devices are mainly used by the police or the detective force for the purpose of providing protection. This device can also be used for homes if you are unsure about your security. Some of the advantages of this device are as follows:

To deter crime: One of the most important advantages of installing security or hidden cameras is to feel a sense of security. So whether you install the cameras at your home or the office, these devices help nab criminals and provide justice to the affected. These cameras will help you if you are experiencing theft and other security related issues, empowering you to take charge of your home and office.

Monitoring: CCTV cameras are used at the workplace in order to monitor any form of illegal activity that can take place at one’s office. These days, spy camera pens are also available if one needs some extra caution or security; although, this device should only be made use of in extreme cases.

These cameras are extremely useful as they enable you to monitor activities of the people who enter your home or office and detect any unusual activity that can be dangerous to you as well as the surroundings. Other uses of a security camera are to gather evidence and maintain records.

The disadvantages of using hidden cameras

Privacy issues: One of the main disadvantages of hidden cameras is the fact that it is a form of constant surveillance that breaches privacy of an individual. If you come to think of it, no one wants to be under the scanner at all times, especially if you are an employee in a prestigious firm or any place else, such as the supermarket.

Costly: Installing cameras is a costly affair along with the fact that the constant monitoring and maintenance. Also, if the camera is damaged in any way, then it can become a costly affair.

All in all, one needs to know how to draw boundaries, especially in terms of the privacy factor. Cameras are good for you if you feel insecure about your possessions due to theft issues but the point here is to not misuse technology and invade someone’s privacy. Invading someone’s privacy is known as voyeurism and indulging in the act can be detrimental to your life because you may be subjected to legal actions by those affected.

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