tasting notes: Three Heart Coffee Roastery

a quick stop at yet another coffee shop around Ponce City Market

As I mentioned in my Chrome Yellow review, I really do enjoy Ponce City Market. There’s obviously plenty of parking for my anxious self and there’s plenty of room to spread out and find a spot so I can work on the various things I do. And yes, there’s already an abundance of coffee shops in the building. However, none of those shops roast their own beans, and there’s a new shop just up the Beltline that does.

Three Heart is the recently opened shop that’s sitting on the Beltline-facing side of the same building as owner Nhan Le’s 8ARM. And I can tell you that although I’ve only been there once and for just a short amount of time, it might jump up to the top of my list for best coffee shops in Atlanta. But that’s getting way ahead of myself, since after all, this isn’t a full review.

In my CY review, I talked about how I enjoy smoother, less acidic coffee for espresso drinks, and luckily for me, Three Heart seems to agree. While I didn’t get a chance to ask what coffee they were using for their cortado (I was feeling especially introverted that day), I can tell you that it was definitely smoother than I expected. The espresso featured some nutty, chocolate notes mixed in with milk that delightfully didn’t taste sour, which feels weird to write but again, I’ve had bad experiences.

Three Heart features a prominent bifold sign right on the Beltline advertising their beignets, which is a word that I just learned how to properly spell. I wasn’t able to try these out on my visit because I went before I had dinner, nor was I able to try the watermelon shaved ice they also prominently feature on their menu.

left: a look at the sign and the walk-up window / right: a look inside the shop, with the view in the reflection

Their best feature by far, for me at least, is their walk-up window. Where I’m from, the ventanilla is a staple in coffee shops, allowing you to quickly grab an espresso and a few pastelitos and be on your way. I’m a long way from Miami these days, so seeing Three Heart’s lil order window made me feel like I was back home, even if just for a second. Of course, one look at the view makes me realize I’m definitely in Atlanta, with the Bank of America Plaza commanding my attention.

Overall though, I’m liking this place so far. It’s been a month since I first visited and I haven’t been back yet partially because of Atlanta’s brutally cold weather this autumn, and partially because playing Red Dead Redemption II sucked up all my time for a few weekends, among other things. But I’ll be coming back for sure.

TL;DR: These are just some tasting notes, not a full review. But I dig the place so far. They have a walk-up window! They have good coffee! More to come!

Location: 716 Ponce De Leon Pl, same building as Paris On Ponce and 8ARM

More info: Instagram, Official Site