Why I Love Daily Vlogs

Casey Neistat

The vlog (video blog) — and most importantly, the daily vlog — is a commendable practice and breathtaking art. At it’s surface is a person who is seemingly full of themselves. At it’s heart is a practice in media with as much philosophical significance and spiritual fulness as your favourite feature-length films. This is what I love about the vlog.

For mostly everybody on this planet, a life is a narrative with one main character, and a set of familiar and recurring themes, thoughts, and feelings. Vlogs, when done right, allow you to step into the life of another for 7–15 minutes each day. They allow you to experience the philosophies, moralities, value-sets, and routines that others use to achieve what we all want more of— happiness. They are a window into the world of another and an intimate opportunity to adopt the practices that you come to idealize as you see a vloggers lifestyle.

Casey Neistat, for me and for millions of others, gives me that opportunity. With 2.5 million subscribers and growing, Casey is into his second year of offering daily vlogs. He’s the guy who was all over the internet the day after a New York City snowfall snowboarding through the closed city streets. As an entrepreneur, father, runner, and creator, Casey gives me plenty to adopt to my own life. He has many faults but is concerned with being happy, defining success how I want to define it, and being healthy — like I am.

Casey is the most disciplined person I’ve ever seen and helps me to prioritize and develop my own discipline in daily life. In an early vlog that I watched of Casey’s, he articulated a policy of his that had me floored: “I wake up before the sun rises, and go to bed after it sets — that way I don’t miss out on any daylight”. For a student like myself and many others, where daily discipline is needed for metal and physical wellness but seldom practiced, Casey defines the philosophy that one can work towards to achieve their goals for work and school.

As a young person coming out of school and entering a world changing so rapidly, it is daunting to know who you want to be and especially how to get there. What is it like to live and work in NYC? How do I develop myself to be more resilient, tenacious, and determined in the working world? How do I decide what I want to do for the rest of my life? What is my passion and how do I pull the trigger on a career move when I don’t know what my passion is? What about the little things? What is the daily routine that maximizes my productivity? What goals should I set for myself to develop the personal traits I’ve always wanted? The vlog is not just an entertainment tool. The reason millions of people follow YouTube channels of vloggers is to gain insights, to remedy uncertainties, and to access philosophies that can only be articulated through the intimacy of daily video.

So, I watch daily vlogs as a practice in wellness. They help me identify practices and routines that I find attractive and philosophies for work and family that would otherwise remain unarticulated. Having an eye in the daily life of another who inspires you allows you to better approach the problem: I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there.

What the vlog: Casey Neistat, Ben Brown, Fun For Louis — and watch it everyday.

Learn how to travel, address yourself, and live in a different way. These people are the public intellectuals of our digital age.

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