Antoine J. Hayes
May 22 · 1 min read

Pierce weaved the shopping cart through aisles of produce and condiments like he was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. This was the eighth time the wife trusted him to go grocery shopping alone in their nine months of marriage. He was finally getting the hang of it. He understood the layout of the store.

He zoomed by other shoppers, focused on his search for the next item on the list his wife provided. Avocados? Snatched a perfectly ripe unicorn. Raisins? Scooped. Raw oatmeal? Bagged. He checked off the list in record time.

Pierce skidded into the line of his favorite cashier. She moved swiftly for her age and didn’t spend idle time chatting with the customers. He paid and headed out to the car feeling especially accomplished.

He was half way home when he saw his wife’s text: -Honey, get the no-pulp orange juice this time, please.-

Pierce cursed. This countermand issued late ruined his otherwise flawless shopping excursion. He was not going back to the store. Perfection would have to wait until his tenth try.

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Antoine J. Hayes

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Person. Storyteller. Work-in-progress. Writer of fiction and poetry. Author of dozens of books (under names A. Jarrell Hayes and A. J. Hayes).

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