Antoine J. Hayes
Jun 19 · 1 min read

“I like you,” said Joan. Her onyx face was smooth, her amber eyes stars as she confessed.

Olu didn’t know how to respond. Does she like me as a friend, she pondered, or does she like like me?

This was all new to Olu, that is, having a crush — and a girl at that! Boys hadn’t paid her much attention until her chest filled out her shirts, regardless of bagginess, and her butt squeezed into her jeans. Didn’t matter — Olu wasn’t interested in any of those boys.

It was Joan who broke through Olu’s wall of quiet indifference. From the first time Olu saw Joan in English class, she felt a burden ease off her shoulders. Then Joan smiled at her; Olu sheepishly grinned back.

After three weeks of friendship, Joan stated something that should be obvious by now. I like you. But how? It took a few minutes longer than Olu thought was appropriate to agree upon the one good answer she had.

“Cool,” said Olu. “I like you too.”

“Great,” said Joan. “Do you want to go out sometime? Not as in hang, but as a date?”

“Yes!” Olu spoke a little too loudly, a little too quickly.

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Antoine J. Hayes

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Person. Storyteller. Work-in-progress. Writer of fiction and poetry. Author of dozens of books (under names A. Jarrell Hayes and A. J. Hayes). www.ajhayes.com

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