Antoine J. Hayes
Aug 16 · 2 min read

The earring was Patrice’s favorite in her collection. And her collection was vast — filling three desktop jewelry cabinets and dozens of smaller boxes. Each had their specific season, outfit, occasion and function. But her Master Earring — the only one without a matching companion — was the one she could wear at anytime, anywhere.

Her Master Earring was immaculate, perfect in its beauty. The centerpiece was a brilliant blue diamond. Turquoise , ruby and emerald ornaments dangled from it in perfect proportions. They, each stone, was a powerful soul gem. And now it was gone.

Patrice initially thought a rival witch had stolen it — her nemesis Gabriella came to mind — but then she found the note. The thieves had left a letter — the brazen audacity! But the missive wasn’t to gloat. It explained motivation and acted as a warning.

The family members of the souls she had encased in the gems took back the spirits of their loved ones. By the time she read the note, they wrote, the gems would already have been smashed, the imprisoned souls set free to join the afterlife.

Patrice read the letter over and over again. She came to the conclusion that it was indeed Gabriella behind this thievery. There was no possible way that these uninitiated relatives could know that without her Master Earring, without the powerful souls trapped within it, Patrice’s own power was diminished drastically. It had to be Gabriella who put them up to it — and that meant war.

Patrice engulfed the paper, still in her palm, in blue flames until it was less than ash.

Originally published on Patreon.

Antoine J. Hayes

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Person. Storyteller. Work-in-progress. Writer of fiction & poetry. Maker of zines & journals. Facilitator of creative workshops. Kimbilio Fellow

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