Image from my gratitude journal.

Some stuff I’m grateful for, in no particular order. Taken from the photo above of a page from my Gratitude journal (which I hope to make more use of in 2018).

  • Thank you, Body, for functioning: heart pumping blood, lungs distributing life-sustaining air, sweat glands keeping body temperature regulated; stomach, liver, kidneys and all other organs doing their thing, keeping me alive involuntarily; nervous, circulatory, digestive and all other systems working together efficiently and effectively; my brain: in all its wonderful and problematic glory.
  • Thank you, Society, for providing me with and allowing me to obtain the food, clothing, shelter and mental stimulation needed for survival. A combination of family, friends, community and organizations helped me along to make existence more vast than it would be on my own — although living in society includes extra stress and frustration; I am thankful, but also regretful of the means in which parts of society chooses to acquire these protections and privileges, through oppression, death and war. I am grateful for activists and organizers for providing a conscious to an otherwise amoral society.
  • Thank you, Unknown Entities, for protecting me and guiding me. This life force, this energy — whether angels or gods or God or ancestors or something else or a combination of all the above — kept me alive through my weakest moments, even when I desired oblivion. Thanks for not listening to me when I spoke from pain and hurt and loathing.
  • Thank you, Loved Ones. You uplift my spirit with your gifts of time, joy and encouragement.
  • Thank you, Supporters; including the ones who do not know me personally and are motivated neither by friendship nor kinship to support my art and writing. It means a lot and keeps me going on through nourishing my spirit — as well as providing material goods.

This post first appeared on Patreon and is an excerpt from a journal entry written from this prompt.

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