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“Untitled” by A. Jarrell Hayes

The view from my apartment windows overlook the alleyway where I dump my trash and recycling. There’s also a parking lot for my building, and across the narrow alley are the rears of other buildings; houses converted into apartments. I’ve lived in my current unit for over a year and I’m starting to recognize scenery I’ve missed.

One thing I didn’t pick up on initially is that my window faces east. In the morning, I get a clear shot of the sun rising. Sunlight curves above the rooftops to sprinkle golden rays upon me — if I raise my window blinds. There’s a dome top of a church or cathedral that looms out in the distance, jutting along the horizon to peak curiously over buildings. Sunlight reflects off this dome, sending rays to the four corners of the globe.

This morning view is magnificent. I stretch and do yoga bathed in sun. Before, I thought my apartment had a horrible view; my unit being in the rear of the building and everything. My opinion changed once I started letting in the sunlight.

This post first appeared on Patreon. It’s the reward earned by patrons for reaching my 2nd goal. Thanks, everyone! It’s also included in my book, Gratitude: Baltimore.

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