May Writing Prompt

May’s writing prompt is History. History is what led up to our present situation, be it personal history, family history, cultural history or human history. It is one thing that binds all peoples together; during historical events, what were our ancestors doing? how were they involved, if at all? We all come from somewhere. Let us learn, explore and imagine what our ancestors — family, historic cultural figures or anyone you feel a connection to — did, how they lived, what they created, how they loved.

Here are some ideas for engaging this prompt:

  • Write a poem about a personal memory, whether it was a positive or negative experience, and what effect it has had on your present self.
  • Write a letter to your future self or descendants about your day; your experiences, your joy, your fears, your struggles, your triumphs.
  • Write a biography, it doesn’t have to be long, on a family member or other person you know, or a history about your hometown or where you live or the school you attended.

Read my response here.

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