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You Gotta Get Out

Doing all your marketing online might not be the best for you.

A friend of mine who’s also a writer once asked me how I got my work out, how I sold books. I told them that the majority of my book sales come from live events, usually vending at zine fairs and book festivals. I understood that in order to achieve the level of success that I want, I had to get out; I could not only focus on marketing online.

About a decade or so ago there was a big push for towards internet marketing and then again roughly five years ago towards social media marketing. That’s reasonable given how the internet and social media has changed how people connect and interact with one another. But I caution against solely using the internet and social media for marketing and promoting ones work.

The internet is designed to be a global marketplace — that’s one of the fascinating parts of the net, especially when working with a smaller budget — and the marketplace mentality has crept into social media. And users are becoming exhausted from being sold to 24/7.

Whether online or in person, book sales come from making connections. At the end of the day, I’m not selling a physical product but building a relationship between words and hearts and minds. Art connects humans to one another.

Personally, I’m more comfortable making connections offline at events. That’s probably why I have better success at live events than online marketing. I’m working on building stronger online relationships. Some of the folks I’ve met in person have come from relationships cultivated online. But my focus is on in-person events, as that is my strength. I’m interested in meeting my patrons for talks, readings and workshops — in-person or online. Contact me here if interested in scheduling events.