Que Sera Sera

Back when i was in primary school there was a poem we all knew. ( i only got to find out it is an excerpt from a song few minutes ago). It goes thus

Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be

Few days ago, this poem crept back into my head but instead of the usual feeling of uncertainty of the future it threw me into a plethora of thoughts.

What if what ever will be will not be if we dont want it to be ??

What if the future is not ours to see but ours to determine ??

This thoughts led me to Stephen Covey’s book, the seven habits of highly effective people.

In this book Covey identified two types of people.

  1. The Reactive individual who allows his environment dictate for him.
  2. The proactive individual who dictates for his environment.

The reactive individual leaves the future to play itself out without believing he can actually change the course of his story. He dwells on his circle of concern ; on things he can’t change rather than harnessing his circle of influence. As a result of this mindset, he becomes someone without a vision,this in turn makes him believe that the future is not his’s to see.

The reactive individual is driven by feelings, circumstances and conditions and their environment .

Being the son of a carpenter does not mean you cant be great in life.

The proactive person decides what he wants with his own hands.

While other work he works while others sleep he still works.

The proactive person has a personal vision and he works towards it. He sees possibilities rather than setbacks. He acts rather than being acted upon.

He is driven by carefully selected principles and values

Highly pro active people recognise responsibility and do not blame circumstances or people for their behaviour.

Take opera winfrey for example she was raped as a teenager but with hardwork and persistence she is who she is today. She didn’t allow her setback bring her down.

So, after thinking over and over again i arrived at a conclusion contrary to what the solicits.

Your ability to determine what would be depends on what type of “active” you are. Are you Reactive or Proactive ??