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Hello there… I am a graduate of accounting from the National Open University of Nigeria — Nigeria’s first flagship institution for knowledge and learning for all who are willing and able to learn. I am also an associate member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom — a global professional accounting body.

With sheer determination and grit, I graduated among the top 5% of my undergraduate cohort. This is despite starting my first semester with a poor GPA due to limiting, extenuating circumstances. The combination of my degree and professional qualification helped me learn useful knowledge on accounting, business mathematics, cost and management accounting, macroeconomic policies, financial management, and investment appraisal techniques, and all of their varying applicability in solving complex business problems.

Post-graduation, I subsequently gained experience at Deloitte, Nigeria. While working within the Accounting and Advisory Unit, I developed specialist, working knowledge in IFRS Accounting & R2R, group accounts consolidation, and analyzing IFRS 9 instruments. This key exposure cemented my interest within the Finance world. I am also a pioneer participant in the McKinsey & Company Forward Africa programme. This is an important milestone for me because I am constantly learning and applying specialist problem-solving skills to resolve peculiar business problems and facilitating with 7 team members across Africa.

With about 4 years of progressive experience so far, I currently help the senior execs and leadership of a large food conglomerate in Nigeria analyze their business expansion projects within the FP&A unit. I am known for aiding senior management decision-making by methodically using logical frameworks and world-class Finance tools (DCF, ROI, IRR, cost-benefit analyses, etc.,) to help determine the best course of action and strategy.

A final fun fact about me: I play the bass guitar at an intermediate level with a band at different events. My bass guitar skills and career have a unique point of influence:

“The same relentless effort and drive for perfection is a trait that can drive not only excellence in music but also in other subjects. It is, therefore, no coincidence that many great professionals and also scientists were excellent musicians.”

Did you know Einstein was an excellent violinist? Yes. We, musicians, exhibit all the traits of perseverance, speedy cognitive thinking, dedication, diligence, and a strong work ethic. See paragraph 2 again.




Hi! I’m a chartered accountant by training and a bass guitarist by passion. Welcome to my Muse!

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Ajibola Oshunnuga

Ajibola Oshunnuga

Hi! I’m a chartered accountant by training and a bass guitarist by passion. Welcome to my Muse!

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